Boom! It's rented!

We are not your typical tenants or vacation rental company. We are a professional tenant company called BoomRented! primarily serving families of 4 or 5 who are looking for a premier vacation experience here in your city. We provide these families with professional, tailor made short term rental vacation packages and landlords or property owners with 5 star quality care for their properties. In short, we are a professional short-term rental and concierge service that also provides property management services for landlords and proptery owners.

Everything customized to YOU!

We bring in a team of marketers, professional cleaners, designers and maintenance staff to ensure guests and landlords alike have the best 5 star experience working with us…


Our team learns the ins-and-outs of your market and your property to maximize it’s profitability in the vacation rental space.


Your property is staged and furnished by our designers to reflect your local flavor while satisfying guests expectations of having a 5 star experience.


Now our marketing team successfully ranks your propery listing on Google, Airbnb and major social media networks to drive traffic and achieve the maximum bookings possible.

4. Profit without risk!

Unlike most vacation rental companies we assume the risk by leasing your property and guaranteeing automatic direct rent payments every month. We also carry $1,000,000 in short terms renters insurance to add an extra layer of protection and peace of mind for you…

Discover for yourself!

Contact us to find our if your property qualifies for our services…